How to Write Case Study

The Case is the “real life” event. The Case Study is the analytical investigation of this situation. A contextual “case investigation” is a particular type of paper utilized as an integral part of some sociologies, curative, lawful, and different fields. It frequently is used particularly in customer/understanding administrations settings, for example, in therapeutic, social administrations, or lawful work. There are around four types of case studies:

  1. Illustrative (distinctive description of occasions),
  2. Exploratory (investigative),
  3. Cumulative (collective data comparisons)
  4. Critical (look at specific problem with circumstances and end results).

There are two distinctive ways to deal with contextual case investigations:

 The Analytical Approach

The contextual analysis is analyzed so as to attempt and comprehend what has happened and why. It is not imperative to distinguish issues or propose solutions for them.

The Problem-Oriented Method

The relative analysis is scrutinized to make out the real issues that exist and to put forward Solutions to these issues.

A case investigation is to be done to examine a person, place, occasion, question, or other kind of subject of examination keeping in mind the end goal to extrapolate key topics and results that help anticipate potential patterns, light up previously concealed issues that can be connected to real life exposures prevailing right now, as well as give a way to comprehend an essential research issue with more outstanding comprehensibility. A case analysis paper typically inspects a solitary subject of examination; however contextual analysis papers can likewise be outlined as a similar examination that shows connections between two or among more than two subjects. The techniques used to concentrate a case can rest inside a quantitative, subjective, or blended strategy exploratory worldview. In this manner, it takes after a typical critical-thinking process of analyzing those particular issues.

A successful case study analyses a real life situation where existing problems need to be solved. It should contain:

  • Decide on the case study type, design or style which is most appropriate to your proposed audience.
  • Establish the theme of your case study which you want to cover up.
  • Find out the relevant case studies that have already been available and published on the same or similar subject theme.
  • Relate the hypothesis to a practical condition; for instance, apply the thoughts and information already talked about in the paper to the realistic condition nearby for the situation being considering in future.
  • Identify the issues/ problem statement
  • Select the real area of issues for the particular situation
  • Suggest answers/solutions for these real issues
  • Recommend the best way out for being implemented in real scenarios.
  • Detail how this understanding or way ought to be executed.

There are typically eight segments for a situation examine.

Synopsis/Executive Summary

Illustrate the reason for the contextual case analysis. Depict the field of research – this is typically a review of the organization.  Layout the issues along with its findings of the given case study without unnecessary detail. Recognize the hypothesis that will be utilized.


Distinguish the issues found for the situation. Every investigation of an issue ought to be supported by actualities given for the situation together with the pertinent hypothesis and course ideas. Here, it is vital to look for the hidden issues.


Outline the significant issue/s. Distinguish possible answers for this/these real issue/s (there is probably going to be more than one deal for every issue). Quickly figure out every option arrangement along with the focal points and harm related to it.


Sum up the main points from the findings and discussion here.


Pick which of the option or solutions ought to be embraced. Quickly legitimize your decision clarifying how it will take care of the significant issue/s. This ought to be composed in a compelling style as this area is proposed to be enticing. Here incorporation of hypothesis and coursework is suitable


Clarify what ought to be done, by whom and by when. On the off chance that suitable incorporate a harsh gauge of costs (both money related and time).


Ensure all references are sited accurately

Appendices (assuming any)

Take note of any unique information that identifies with the review however which would have intruded on the stream of the primary body.